G-Cog is the world's first true BMX power meter.

With over seven years of development G-Cog is the embodiment of what training in the Olympic era requires. Never again will you question your performance because now you can measure, record and visualize.

G-Cog simply replaces your existing cog. No other hardware, brackets or wiring harnesses are required.

G-Cog uses advanced sensor technologies to measure every dynamic motion in the cog. Training with G-Cog allows you to measure the following:

Data is collected at the highest sample rate in the industry (up to 250 samples/second) which is then downloaded to a PC via a Bluetooth connection.

G-Cog is available in tooth sizes ranging from 14T-20T. The spline can be ordered in Shimano or Profile configurations.

Ride and race data can be viewed using the G-Cog software application. Here you can manage data from different rides and track your progress over time.

Imagine having the ability to compare your performance today to your performance days, weeks, months or years ago. Is your training working? Or are you getting burned out?

Put the knowledge in your hands and get the technological edge over your competition with G-Cog.

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