G-Cog is an advanced BMX data acquisition computer. At 92 grams, it has been designed for racers who are serious about their training. G-Cog records information about its sensors up to a maximum data rate of 250 samples/second. No other device even comes close.

G-Cog's electronics are comprised of a mixture of microcomputers and advanced sensor technologies. Measurements of torque, speed and acceleration are used to evaluate a rider's performance.

G-Cog is simple to install - just replace your existing cassette cog with G-Cog, turn on the power switch and you're ready to go.

G-Cog has six LED displays on the front side of its plastic enclosure. These LED's show the user what G-Cog is doing.

G-Cog is equipped with a speaker which alerts the user of low battery conditions. In addition, the user can configure the software to play the NBL/UCI or ABA cadence and record the rider's reaction to these sounds. No other device in the world can do this!

G-Cog's enclosure is made of a durable urethane plastic which is ready to take the wear and tear of the BMX track.

G-Cog uses a 7075 T-6 aluminum cog. This cog has the famous Rennen single speed tooth profile for maximum contact and durability.

G-Cog comes with 10mm of different sized spacers to ensure that your chainline is perfect no matter what your setup is.

G-Cog communicates with a PC through a Class 1 Bluetooth connection. This gives G-Cog the ability to download ride data up to 100 meters away (line of sight, open air).

G-Cog has a built-in Lithium-Polymer battery charger. When the LED's speaker or software application warns you that the batteries are low, simply plug in the supplied wall charger, (charging is completed when the red LED turns off).