Your G-Cog device comes with a Windows software application. After installation you will be able to:

You connect to your G-Cog via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Once connected you can upload device configuration or download performance data.

Each time you download data from your G-Cog device, a Ride Summary Report is created, displayed and saved. This report summarizes the key data from your session.

The G-Cog software application provides sophisticated charting features which allow you to fully analyze your performance. All charts allow you to zoom in/out and scroll to get the best view possible of your performance data.

In addition, on each chart, you can view statistics such as minimums, maximums and averages.

The easy to use G-Cog software application gives you the ability to compare your performance today to your performance days, weeks, months or years ago. Is your training working? Or are you getting burned out?

Put the knowledge in your hands and get the technological edge over your competition with G-Cog.