G-Cog has been in development since 2002. It is the primary reason Rennen Design Group was formed as a company. Other products have been developed along the way, but G-Cog is and will always be our focus. We believe that this device will change the way BMXers train. We also believe that it is important that the first true BMX electronic power meter has been developed by a BMXer.

We are committed to making this device the most technologically advanced bicycle component in the world. You can expect from G-Cog and Rennen Design Group: advanced technology, a commitment to quality and a high level of professionalism.

The development of G-Cog has been a long and challenging path. Many long nights, thousands of hours and way too many cans of Red Bull have gone into the development of this device. We hope you appreciate the effort.

George Costa:

George has raced BMX since the age of 14. In the late 90s, he focused on college where he studied mechanical engineering with a specialization in robotics. Working at Titleist golf while still an undergraduate, George realized his strengths were building systems that require a strong understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering. After graduating with a Masters from MIT, George worked at Draper Laboratory leading different robotics programs. George started Rennen in 2003 while still at his full-time job. In 2006, George went on his own to work full-time on Rennen and to move ahead the development of G-Cog.

Email: George@G-Cog.com

Justin Wolfe:

Though not a BMXer, Justin has been a lifelong sports enthusiast. While training and playing sports he realized that there was no good way to measure performance absolutely. Justin, in 2006, learned about G-Cog's development and immediately understood how it could revolutionize training. While talking with George about G-Cog, Justin realized that he could use his 10+ years of software development experience
to help create a device that would bring science to training and racing. Since then, Justin has worked closely with George to develop an easy to use software application to help users analyze and track their performance over time.

Email: Justin@G-Cog.com

Greg Romero:

Greg is a former AA pro BMX racer with over 30 AA career wins to his name as well as being arguably the top BMX coach today. He has over 28 years of experience training for, racing and coaching BMX and is the personal coach retained by Red Bull North America for USA Olympic Medalists Mike Day and Jill Kintner. In addition, Greg is an ISSA certified trainer and a USA Cycling Certified Coach and has completed numerous training seminars offered by USA Cycling and the USOC. As the first G-Cog user Greg was involved with the product on the ground floor and will use his expertise as a former pro rider, top coach and student of sports science to help take G-Cog to the next level - assisting George and Justin continue to enhance the product helping us provide increasing value to our existing G-Cog customers.

Email: Greg@G-Cog.com