G-Cog Helmet Riders

Greg Romero:

Coach G is our Vet Pro, although at any time during the season he's only 2.5 weeks from AA. Greg's hands-on coaching style he uses with his clients keeps him in race form throughout the year and when the situation arises he steps up to the podium at most if not all races he chooses to enter. Having had such a long and successful career in AA Greg is out there now to have fun and interact with his coaching clients and represent the G-Cog brand.

Alex Anthony:

Alex is our latest addition to the team and although he races single A, "AA" is his nickname and soon he'll be mixing it up with the elite men. Alex is determined and he's a training machine. G-Cog will help him close that vital gap in his program allowing him to monitor, tweak and improve his already successful program he's been following.

Shawn Diprete:

At 38 years old Shawn is the oldest G-Cog sponsored rider but that doesn't stop him from racking up wins and national titles. He is the most feared rider in the older expert and cruiser classes. G-Cog has helped him fine tune his training and overcome adversity in 2009 (torn acl with no surgery) to achieve dual NAG titles in class/cruiser.

Austin Loebe:

Austin is our teenage prospect who through his incredible talent is integrating training with G-Cog to help develop a power base which he'll need for the ultra competitive UCI Jr. Men class.

Cam Moore

Cam is our youngest G-Cog sponsored rider and he very well may use it the most. Cam is a dedicated and talented rider, and at only 11 yrs old and already training with G-Cog he is sure to make huge strides in his performance. If G-Cog is the future of training then Cam represents the Future of the Elite men's class of 2018.



G-Cog Cosponsored Riders

Mike Day:

Olympic Silver medalist, SX specialist, Former NBL #1 Pro. What more can be said about Mike Day? With his eyes on the prize for 2012 you can be sure that Mike is pulling out all the stops for London. Having recognized the potential of what G-Cog can do for his training Mike didn't hesitate at all to contact us and we were proud to accommodate his needs.

Donny Robinson:

Olympic Bronze medalist, SX specialist, Former NBL #1 Pro, Current World Champion, Too many amateur titles to count, Walmart Bikes etc. What isn't he doing or achieving and what more can be said about Donny? His eyes are also on the prize for 2012. Donny is probably the hardest working elite rider in the world both on and off the bike. We are happy to provide G-Cog to him and to help him realize his Olympic dreams.

Tim Dinger:

Tim is a Vet Pro who has been using G-Cog since its release. Being one of the first users Tim has helped improve the product with his meticulous attention to detail and rigorous training regime. Tim is constantly experimenting with his bike setup and optimizing every detail of his ride - G-Cog helps him make adjustments that lead to better performance.

Airelle Martin:

Come 2012 Arielle will not be denied this time around, her preparation for the next Olympics began while Team USA was heading back from Beijing. Airelle immediately recognized what G-Cog could do for her training and didn't hesitate to get one for herself and start using and learning about all the advanced features and data it provides.